What are my watering restrictions?

Water two days a week before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. - Odd number addresses on Wednesday and Saturday. Even number addresses on Thursday and Sunday.

Reminder: During daylight savings time, which is November through March, water only 1x per week.

How much water does my yard really need?

Optimum watering is 3/4" two times each week. That can be in the form of rainfall or irrigation.

How do I know how much water my yard is getting?

A rain sensor or rain gauge are useful tools in measuring required waterfall. If you have the rain sensor on your irrigation equipment set it to 1/2". When the sensor registers the required 1/2" rainfall the system will shut off.

No sensor? No problem! A rain gauge works perfect when placed in an area that you frequent often. Watch for an accumulation of 3/4" rainfall. When you get to 3/4" go ahead and manually shut your irrigation system down.

Why is 3/4" of moisture so important anyway?

Deep watering promotes deeper roots and creates a stronger, healthier plant.

Most weeds have shallow root systems. When you deep water irrigate the landscape, the roots of your turf and plants receive the greatest benefits.

Does it matter what time I water?

Watering in the morning is preferred to prevent evaporation and to help control the outbreak of some diseases.

I have Crab grass!!! I have weeds!!! WHY shouldn’t I pull them?

Quick question—Can you treat something you can’t see?? Exactly! The answer is no. I am sure by this point you are sick of looking at those hideous things that are taking over your beautiful lawn—trust me! We ALL hate weeds, let alone crab grass…but we do ask for your patience! Please refrain from pulling these weeds, that way we can treat them and get rid of them as soon as possible!

It’s Raining, it’s pouring…I don’t need to water then—right??

Let me think…WRONG…maybe. Honestly it all depends on the amount of water your yard received…If you had between ¾”-1” of rain per watering zone, you should be fine. An easy way to monitor this is with rain gauges or cups. We would be more than happy to provide these to you, upon request! **These nifty little cups are also a great way to see if your irrigation is calibrated correctly!

**If you have any questions, please contact us either via e-mail or phone. We'd love to answer them for you!